Lockdown Videos

During the eighteen months that the choir was unable to meet in person due to Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions, we would have normally been collecting donations for our chosen charities at several performances. To try to support our charities during this time, we released several “lockdown videos” and asked for any kind donations from those who viewed them. These were passed on to the charities.

Links to the videos are below and if you feel so inclined, we would be delighted if you chose to donate the price of a cup of coffee to our charities.

The link to donate is HERE. Thank you and enjoy!!

First up- Our NHS.

Next – Song For Home. This was written by Eleanor, based on choir suggestions of what “home” means to them.

Then – Tubthumping by Chumbawumba- with words suitable for the time!

Finally- Milkman of Human Kindness by Billy Bragg (who has seen the video and said he liked it!).